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29 August 2008 @ 09:02 am

Hi! I am a new member bringing some delicious slash! :)

I've had this posted on y!gal for ages, and I just reread it and decided it was worth posting here (I've been watching this forever, just never posted).

Just something to help tide everyone over until October, wee!

Title: Water
Pairing: Kyle/Kenny <3
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Masturbation, fantasized slash
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Matt Stone and Trey Parker. If they were mine, I wouldn't be sharing them with you. ;)

I hope this cut works DX

Kyle, chilled by his walk back from the bus stop, shivered as the hot water wet the outer reaches of his thick hair.

He attempted to flatten it with his palm, to no avail. Nothing ever helped the water penetrate any faster. Abandoning his scalp, he leaned back and basked in the happy feeling of a hot shower soothing the chapped skin of his back and chest.

It was late afternoon, and the cold sun played over his body and cast a faceless reflection on the glass wall before him. Kyle lightly touched his ribs and watched as his image did the same. It mirrored him picking up the soap, working the bar between his hands.

He was momentarily distracted as he finally felt the water reach the roots of his hair. The heat on his head always brought a feeling of elation. For a short moment in his Colorado existence, Kyle was completely warm.

He wanted to celebrate.

Eyeing his reflection with new purpose, he watched his lathered hand slide slowly down into the thicket of fiery red below his navel. He skipped the main attraction and reached to cup his balls, giving them a gentle massage while his mind slipped into dreamland, feeling his body react warmly to his proposal.

Kyle knew his fantasies weren't exactly normal. They didn't involve the usual blatant tits and ass his friends undoubtedly envisioned. No, Kyle was more interested in a challenge...or so he told himself.

The figure was there, the same one as always. She was slim and rather boxy, most of her features hidden by an orange parka and a pair of baggy jeans.

Kyle knew he wouldn't last to see what was under those jeans. He never did. Once she appeared, he was already rock hard.

In an attempt to delay his peak, he teased himself, stroking the underside of his cock ever so lightly with his forearm. With his free hand he continued to manipulate the soap, sudsy water dribbling from his hand onto the shower floor.

The girl's face came into focus, mostly hidden under her glaring orange hood. All he could see were her laughing blue eyes, killer eyes that made him thrust involuntarily against his arm. His favorite eyes.

In his mind, he reached out and touched her. She was warm under the parka. Her ribs were prominent enough to show through the thick fabric, and he touched them, her jagged edges, again and again. He couldn't smell her through the steam, but he knew what she smelled like--snow and cigarettes and dark nights.

Opening his eyes, unable to remember closing them, he realized he had grabbed his cock and was already stroking slowly. He pulled his eyes away from his reflection on the shower wall and looked down at his hand. Slick lather ran in rivulets down his legs, gathered in his red hair. His straining cock showed streaks of white soap where the contours of his palm had met his shaft. Sucking in his breath, Kyle closed his eyes and let his head fall back.

He ran his hand up her torso, to her chest, but there was absolutely nothing there. Kyle laughed to himself and reached for her hood, tipping it back to reveal Kenny's soft hair playing on the air currents and Kenny's dirty skin, and they were Kenny's laughing eyes and Kyle felt much more at ease.

Kenny smirked and then his lips parted for laughing, and Kyle could see his tongue fuck

fuck that was good, and he was stroking firmly, urgently now, with a sharp turn of his wrist every time his hand passed over the head of his cock. His mouth was open and his hair was in his eyes, and with every twist he slipped more precum down his shaft, and his reflection was working furiously now. He hadn't noticed, but his image's other hand had cupped his balls again.

Kenny gripped his zipper and seductively, slowly, pulled it down.

Fuck, he knew exactly what he was doing and he wanted Kyle and that was the most fucking sexy thing about him.

As he pulled, more and more pale, raw, grimy skin slowly exposed itself. He wasn't wearing anything under that parka.

Kyle, taking shallow, rapid breaths, wanted to touch him again, wanted to feel how hot his skin was.

The zipper completely open, he gripped its toothy halves in his callused hands and in one smooth motion it was off, over his shoulders and gone

and it was beautiful, that sharp, skeletal body, one Kyle had seen so often in his waking hours when he didn't remember the identity of his brightest fantasy. He was nearly choking now, his hips bucking, his motions out of his control--

--and Kenny was grinning now and his fingers were at his fly and Kyle could see a tuft of blonde peeking over his waistband,

and his eyes flew open as he came, spurting onto the glass wall, shuddering with the overwhelming pleasure as he watched Kenny unzip his fly and he saw only light, light as he collapsed against the side wall and gasped through his final throes.

Kyle, completely spent, could only close his eyes again, chasing away the black points gathering at the edge of his vision. His body shook once, then twice, as though the aftershocks of his climax were literally electric.

As he came down, for a fleeting moment the image of Kenny remained beautiful.

And then he was afraid again.

It was getting harder and harder to forget the truth, the glorious moment where the girl's beauty and laughter and oozing sex made so much sense because she was Kenny.

Kyle tried not to think about it as he directed the streaming water at the glass to clean it off, glad his reflection showed no face.
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