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love in the most unlikely places
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Hells Pass is a place for SP fans to come together and post fanfiction, fanart or general episode discussion of the slash variety.

To make this an enjoyable commnuity, please follow the general rules outlined below:

>> Please have a subject heading on your entry.
>> Put all fiction under a cut. This includes drabbles or 'ficlets'.
>> Be considerate; large images also need to be under a cut - we don't want to break peoples friendslists.
>> TAG YOUR ENTRIES. I cannot stress this enough. It makes finding fic and artwork a lot easier for members.
>> Please keep community promotion to a minimum - it is nice to share new LJ's around, but it can get annoying and spammy very quickly. Please put extensive detail about new communities under a cut.
>> If you want to promote a new RP, please address this in the subject line eg: New Roleplay. Then detail the RP under a lj cut.
>> There is no need to write where else you have x-posted your entry to; if we are part of any other communities we will have already noticed.
>> For the love of all that is holy, please FORMAT and BETA your fics. If you are unable to get a beta, then at least spell and grammer check. If anything is posted unformatted eg: without paragraph breaks or punctuation, it will be deleted.
>> Don't bash other people or their fic. Constructive criticism is great, but don't be mean, dude.

If you are going to post fic, please use the code below as a guide to a) make it easier for members to see what the story is about and b) keep the community tidy.

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